Is Ripple Going Back To The Old Days

Ripple nearly tripled in price last week, and investors are still not entirely sure why. The digital token saw its price decline significantly in preceding weeks, and company co-founder Jed McCaleb "accelerated" his sale of XRP in the process, selling off as many as 40,000 tokens per day through July. He then sold close to 500,000 XRP each day in August. Now that ripple's price has risen in recent days, McCaleb might be expected to have shifted his strategy. However, he has continued to sell about $150,000 worth of the token each day. McCaleb has not divulged his strategy other than to tell the Wall Street Journal that he's "not selling more than [he has] agreed to with Ripple."

Is Ripple going back to it's old days or it just a hype. Tell me in the comments what do you guys think over this. Thanks for reading!

djonson 2018-12-12 19:21:11 Reply
Good news
modamo 2018-10-15 22:52:08 Reply
Ripple has a good potential. As for trade, it has larger volumes than bitcoin.