Empowr Coin is Scam The truth revealed

I am sure you have tonnes of questions relating to Empowr. Trust me, I do too. My aim of this article is to voice my opinion, and to help people understand what Empowr really is.

Empowr is the new name for Fanbox, and if you do not know what Fanbox is, you should check it out here. It explains the history of what Empowr truly is. Empowr is an upgraded version of Fanbox, with a nicer looking user interface, new features, but the same old tricks. In general, Empowr is just like any other social network (Facebook, Google Plus, etc), but the main difference is that the purpose of Empowr is driven by money, while the purpose of other social media platforms is driven by social value.......

razeiv 2018-09-17 14:43:39 Reply
I recieved a 100 ponzi emails from them daily
yanika 2018-09-14 19:07:23 Reply
Interesting article, need to check more deeper!