Bunny Token Scam or Legit?

Bunny Token

Does anyone remember Bunny Token promoting like hell a month ago via most audience attracting platform Youtube? I do. As claimed by team Bunny token is related to adult industry and also promises 1% daily growth on investment. Now the question is, Is Bunny token legit with it's promise of returning 1% of investment daily?. There are a lot of mixed reaction on reddit, bitcointalk groups, youtube and other social media about it's legitamcy. Ico Index claims it to be a 101% scam where as Cointrust indicates it to be legit. Whereas on the most trusted website of mine ICO BENCH you can see the review of it from the crypto gurus and also ICO BENCH has just rated the ICO with 2 stars, which i think is very risky to invest.

Conclusion: When i checked their website and telegram official group, my doubt was very clear it to be a scam when i saw they only have a telegram channel and don't have a official support group. So, the choice is yours. I advise you to stay away from this and please do not invest your hard earned money into it. If you want you can choose other legit ICO's.

Zorchy 2018-08-12 04:40:20 Reply
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