Google and Facebook Give Cryptos a Small Boost

Two of the worlds biggest internet companies, Google and Facebook, are adding features which the crypto community will, most likely, be fond of.

Google has added new cryptos to its currency converter, and Facebook, as promised, has started unbanning crypto-related advertisement, albeit with a twist. Let’s talk about Google first.

If you wanted to find out the price of Bitcoin, one of the ways to do it was to simply search for the term Bitcoin in Google, and you'd be presented with the cryptocurrency s current price, in USD.

However, the same did not work for other cryptocurrencies, up until recently. Google has now introduced a similar feature for a pair of popular coins Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Now, all you need to do, to find out the prices of these two, is to search for the term in Google and you will be presented with the currencies’ latest prices. It seems as if the prices follow those seen on

Zorchy 2018-08-06 03:15:23 Reply
faсеbook we are with you )
modamo 2018-07-31 04:13:23 Reply
The cryptoworld will take place in the future. These are just first steps.
razeiv 2018-07-30 12:37:57 Reply
Good news for us