Bitcoin Vanitygen Scam

Dear CryptoPolice Officers,

Unfortunately, I had my 2.62683514 Bitcoins stolen from my wallet on Nov 3, 2017 2:03:29 PM.

I had used the website bitcoinvanitygen(dot)com to generate the wallet address: 1FabioUj74f7Vf1qJD9ENa15XxzUNLVeW9

I created a paper wallet offline using this address and was using it to receive and send Bitcoins since August.

To my surprise when I sent 2.62 Bitcoins from the Brazilian Exchange Foxbit to this wallet, in less than a day they were gone.

It is clear that bitcoinvanitygen website had my private key because nobody else knew about my paper wallet and there are several reports all over the web about this scammy website.

They also have this website in Polish: Their sites are running on this Ip address:

This is the BTC address where the coins are at the moment: 19yXdhfcsUc4dB5tfxrHuLyN27PubycNJj

This is the thief's BTC address that stole my Bitcoins: 16BXHtbF2kmWjta983b3YfsTqtYS2Em3kX

There is a video on Youtube that explains how the criminals operate: Look for: "How I lost $60.000 in Bitcoin! Scam and Security Tips"

If there's any information you may share to help me, or anything you can do to help me get my Bitcoins back, it'll be much much appreciated!

Thank you!

Pipitnurul 2018-07-22 16:36:33 Reply
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razeiv 2018-07-21 11:59:56 Reply
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