This a total scam. Invest .05btc as per their website. Fee free and instant returns it says. Also if you change your mind. Money back instantly. Fee free. It's a 0.015 btc fee to get the form to request refund. B.S. Suddenly there's a 0.043btc registration fee. But it's okay, you'll get that back. With initial investment and ROI. Then after that there's a 0.0298 btc referral fee. And after that. Oh.. Lucky you the mining system doubled your payout. So instead of 0.138 being returned to your account, instantly. You'll get 0.275btc. That's when I stopped being an absolute idiot. Decided to redeem myself. Yes, I sent them 0.1 something btc. Yes.. I was an idiot and lost my btc to a handful of smooth talkers. The so called investors are in on it. They'll hit you up on Instagram... Funny how that one isn't on Facebook... Oh wait... There "she" is peddling a different scam... Western union that one. I can't wait until crypto is regulated. I have screenshots of their website that clearly states no hidden fees.

razeiv 2018-08-05 13:01:53 Reply
The name suggest it is a scam, we should never be involved in any ico named Bitcoin.
razeiv 2018-07-24 11:59:32 Reply
Thank you for letting us know