Chinese Giant Introduces Blockchain powered Encyclopedia Services

Chinese search engine giant Baidu says it is using blockchain technology to ensure accuracy and traceability for its online, user-created encyclopedia Baidu Baike China s equivalent to Wikipedia.

Per China Money Network, Baidu Baike users can now look at blockchain-logged historical versions of entries, which show what time amendments were made and who made them.

The media outlet quotes Chai Qiaozi, the head of Baidus blockchain department, as saying that blockchain technology would enhance Baidu Baike’s credibility among users, and protect editing history from tempering, helping verify edited information.

Although a Chinese-language version of Wikipedia was launched in 2011, mainland-based users cannot access Chinese pages although they are able to view most pages written in other languages.

Baidu is stepping up its blockchain technology related activities, and last month unveiled a blockchain-powered stock photo sharing platform. The company is also responsible for a CryptoKitties-like blockchain dog trading mobile game.

Earlier this year, the company also unveiled a blockchain as a service BaaS platform, and Chinese media outlets have suggested that a Baidu digital, blockchain powered token may also be in the offing.

razeiv 2018-09-17 14:58:03 Reply
They should be doing it
Pipitnurul 2018-07-07 12:56:50 Reply
Nice article..Good job for Baidu , The technology blockchain is very interesting and usefull for the future..All people and company absolutly needed
aimc 2018-07-07 03:51:37 Reply
And..the Blockchain race starts..excited to see what the 21 century is hiding!