Scamerwho is this and how not to fall for his bait?

The scammer is someone who is invisibly watching you, as well as a whole string of other people in social networks, one who uses all your data for fraudulent purposes, and today many people come to the bait of such "experts", so decided to equip your knowledge of these crooks.

How do scammers behave on a dating site? Very often such scammers can be found by registering on foreign dating sites. As a rule, their targets are secured people who want to get to know the representatives of the opposite sex. Among the scammers can be both men and women.

First, they start a conversation, keep themselves fairly gallant, make an impression of the person you've been waiting for all your life. And only then, when, it would seem, the relations become serious (but this is only an appearance!) Judge for yourself - is it possible in 3 days, a week or even a couple of months a person realizes that you are his destiny?), The "pumping out" of money begins.

And this all happens not directly, but under various pretexts:

mum for expensive treatment, for education, on the ticket to you. But many are caught on the bait pretty cleverly for two main reasons:

down to their ears fell in love, did not understand that they became an "oil well" for pumping money - after all, a scammer - who is this - is the one who certainly promises to "immediately return" money. Perhaps you do not even know who the scammers are, so you can easily get to the tricks, then you just have to bite your elbows. There are many cases when women were deceived, sent money, even sold their apartments and expensive items to send these funds to the "men of their dreams," and they disappeared. And the saddest thing is that the skill of these crooks is beyond praise. Some victims, even after the disappearance of "the love of their whole life," do not believe that this is all fraud. They wait and hope that the faithful will return.

It's not just every crook that makes this impression, and it's not just that. Do not be surprised, but there are even special courses where coaches teach scammers. On a bait to such a trained and "to the teeth of armed knowledge," a bandit with a smart smile can get caught by anyone. They hunt for wealthy women and men!

Especially they succeed in this thanks to modern technology. Dating sites are the best platform for such scammers. And especially foreign websites. hopes that you certainly will not fall for the bait to such a craftsman. True, many girls do not even know about the existence of such a term, they simply consider these guys Alfonso if they instead of beautiful courtship make attempts to lure money in various ways.

But now the male scammers have gone a little further. They perfectly understand that not all wealthy women will pay them money simply for beautiful eyes. And they realize that they can be regarded as gigolos. What then? They operate on a simple scheme - they use photos of beauties to attract rich boyfriends. But sometimes they hunt women using "forbidden tricks" and skillfully playing on the most important values of every woman - the desire to become unique, to have a family, to be someone's muse and so on.

That's why you should not so actively fill your pages in social networks with luxurious photos. Yes, you may not become a victim of a scammer, but you can serve as a bait, which rogues just use for profit.

Scammers: how to recognize? Profile with beautiful photos - no more than 5. The age of such person is 35-50 years old if it is a man. The name and surname of the crook will be the most common. Messages are usually full of patterns and banal phrases. In fact, it is. A crook has a workpiece, which he sends out to everyone, sometimes inserting the name of the victim. What is in the letter? As a rule, there is a story that evokes sympathetic emotions. For example, the fact of the tragic death of your beloved wife. Or, on the contrary, complaints about his wife - that she suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction. In the process of further communication about this story, he does not want to speak, because, as a rule, there are several blanks of such stories, and the swindler is simply afraid to "pierce" on untruth. Feelings "wake up" on him already on the second or third day of correspondence. But you may not even be surprised. All why? Usually, such craftsmen know the methods of NLP pretty well, plus from the first day of communication, they begin to ask about how you live, what your incomes are. Usually, scammers on dating sites prefer to communicate solely by correspondence - on the photo in the profile, it may even be not depicted. Such soon enough ask about the transfer of funds.

razeiv 2018-09-17 15:00:03 Reply
Thank you for the post
razeiv 2018-08-21 10:15:09 Reply
Scammers will come up with new ideas and tricks but we should be using our intelligence and this platform so that we can avoid getting scamed.
andra150 2018-07-15 02:20:45 Reply
It is very common for men and women to fall into these blows. The sentimental life of a person is very fragile and the person seems to lose the senses that he can not perceive that he is being deceived. Here in Brazil, the press reports cases of this kind every day.
frankydejavu 2018-06-13 08:59:12 Reply
All we need is more knowledge for ourselves and wary of fraudulent signals