Be sure to read. Now I will give you a unique opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes of Neo.

If nothing changes in your life, and you yourself do nothing for these changes, but only whines, then, of course, you, like any loser, often ask the question: "Why am I still poor?" And what if I tell you that you live in a limited reality and you have been programmed for poverty? No, we are not talking about the fact that you are in an anabiotic dream with a computer connected to your head (although hell knows, anything can happen, even Ilon Mask believes in this theory), but that others around you influenced your subconscious mind with the help of settings, which in turn influenced consciousness, consciousness formed thoughts, and thought to actions that created your reality. From this, it turns out that the results of our actions correspond to the subconscious.

Who is this rascal who programmed you? This is your environment's fault! Just remember all these attitudes:

It is necessary to save for a rainy day! Big money is evil! The rich are thieves! Money does not grow on trees! The money will not bring happiness! I can not afford it! Did not live richly, do not start! The rich are to blame for my poverty! Not everyone is rich! Big money is a big problem! The honest fellow is rich in honor! But, Bro, there is no virtue of poverty. I would say more, poverty is a sin, because, in order to be poor, it is just necessary to sin with laziness, despondency, apathy, passiveness kill all the human qualities and potential in ourselves, each of us was rewarded by our Creator. I'm not talking about doctors, firefighters, rescuers, etc. professions - these people save lives. So back to the settings. You can hear them at school, from teachers, neighbors, relatives, a vagabond, a drunk from the next door ... Remember, bro, all these settings are garbage that negatively affects your thinking! From the very beginning, people around us verbally program us for poverty. It has already been practically proved by science that all our thoughts are material, therefore the deposition of all these technologies in our subconscious is directly on our life, practically depriving us of the chance of success. I hope you understand? Yes? Then welcome to reality, Neo! I am very glad that on the Internet now so many successful people openly declare themselves and are ready to share their experience, yes among them there are a lot of infoschigans, but even they are invaluable - they are hammering into the masses new installations - the setting of success, wealth, development, and courage! In a situation where we have to make a choice between established beliefs and logic, then most often, thanks to the herd instinct, beliefs win. Because if you want to become rich, you need to get rid of all this garbage in your head! You can never succeed if your subconscious mind is programmed to fail. Think about it, brother.

Your task is to understand which life attitudes have a negative effect on your results so that you can abandon them once and for all. Having unloaded your mega-brain, you can reprogram it for the thinking of successful people.

Do you want to learn how to do this? Then with you like that, that I saw that you are really interested and you are ready to change your consciousness. I will never tire of writing and be talking about these simple truths because realizing these simple things is the most fundamental and fundamental step to a new life. Now there is a new caste of people - poor clever clever hauteurs - most likely in their childhood they were jerked by peers, and after school the same peers rigidly wiped their nose, having achieved success. And these wise men cannot sit quietly now, because they have very strong fires, because the world should be arranged differently! MUST! - they shout in hysterics, leaving comments full of bile in blogs of successful guys. But the world is arranged differently, bro. Do not feed hatred to anyone, forget about this feeling. There is only you and your goal. Give your emotions only to those moments that benefit you and ignore any negative - then you will be able to escape, and most importantly - to become happy. - This is the formula for hacking the matrix.

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We should really cling to positive thoughts.