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2018-10-17 05:57:32

Study Argues Chinese Mining Centralization Poses Threat to Bitcoin Network

A joint study conducted by Princeton University and Florida International University has found three-quarters of Bitcoin mining is based in China and warned of the potential risks that could result from the significant geographical centralization of...
2018-10-11 06:54:36

Unpacking the 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way the world looks at transactions - but they’ve also facilitated some monumental scams over the past nine years. The success of Bitcoin and a number of altcoins jumpstarted an industry that is incorporati...
2018-10-08 11:40:02

Binances Astronomical Success is Motivated By Adversities Faced in China

The regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrency exchanges in China has been noted as a key factor in the sensational growth of Binance in 2018. Launched in the middle of 2017, the rate of growth that Binance has experienced, both in terms of trading vo...
2018-10-03 17:51:22

Coinbase Valuation at USD 8 billion Speaks Volumes

Coinbase, the US-based fiat-to-crypto exchange and wallet service, is reportedly valued at USD 8 billion and in talks with Tiger Global, an investment firm, for up to USD 500 million. This is a sure sign that the industry is more than just “tulips,”...
2018-10-03 17:39:11

MyEtherwallet Launches a New Type of a Crypto Wallet

MyEtherwallet, the popular Ethereum and ERC-20 token wallet often referred to as MEW, has recently launched a new mobile wallet application with functionality as a hardware wallet. The ‘no hardware hardware wallet’, dubbed MEWconnect comes with an...
2018-10-03 17:22:34

Most Secure Exchanges Do Not Include Biggest Ones Except One

A new list of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges brings surprises: only one of the top 10 exchanges (it's BitMEX) made it into the top 10 most secure ones. Others are much further down the list, up to the 78th spot out of 100 by security rankin...
2018-10-03 17:09:49

Almost 200 Bitcoin ATMs Planned for Argentina as Crisis Bites

Argentina is set to welcome an influx of cryptocurrency ATMs as the inflation-hit peso continues to take a financial battering. Reuters reports that a company named Athena Bitcoin, which late last month installed the country’s first Bitcoin ATM at...
2018-10-03 16:52:57

EU Lawmakers on Crypto Regulation and its Wicked Problems

Parliamentary discussions in the European Parliament in Strasbourg earlier this week revealed that EU politicians are still looking for common ground when it comes to the regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As reported by Cryptonews.com...
2018-10-03 08:53:27

What Is Going On With the Crypto Markets, Experts Share Opinions

One of the bigger news stories to come out this week, that has also been tied to the downturn of the market is that research indicates Tether and Bitfinex were at the center of price manipulation, which led to December’s high of nearly $20,000. Em...
2018-10-01 14:44:02

US Lawmakers Unhappy Ask SEC for Crypto Clarification

In a new letter dated September 28 to Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US Congressmen Warren Davidson, Ted Budd, Tom Emmer, and Darren Soto asked for clarifications on the regulatory status of initial coin offeri...