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2018-07-15 22:29:23

Confirmed list of Scam coins

Below you’ll find some confirmed scam coins. Please stay as far away as possible from them. I will update this document from time to time with the information received from the crypto community. Coin Identifier Scam type Reference Alexander ii...
2018-07-15 18:36:17


EQUITEN — SCAM Using Fake Images of Team / Stealing people’s Identity
2018-07-15 00:05:35

CASP Token Airdrop is SCAM

Today I received on the main tab of my email box, this message: Introducing Cashaa Private A Cashaa forked blockchain focused at creating an enabling environment, which will allow anyone to conduct real-time, peer-to-peer financial transactions...
2018-07-14 05:25:26

Bitcoin Vanitygen Scam

Dear CryptoPolice Officers, Unfortunately, I had my 2.62683514 Bitcoins stolen from my wallet on Nov 3, 2017 2:03:29 PM. I had used the website bitcoinvanitygen(dot)com to generate the wallet address: 1FabioUj74f7Vf1qJD9ENa15XxzUNLVeW9 I c...
2018-07-14 04:21:50

Scan to steal Dogecoins

This site probably has a fraudulent trick to steal crypto coins. A few days after the previous DOGE or BTC deposit, your account will be suspended and blocked. I ran three tests with DOGE deposits and at all times, my account was suspended and there...
2018-07-11 13:27:30

unique project

No doubt it's a unique project and soon it will achieve great achievements very soon. Best of luck to all team members. ow can you beat it.. great idea from this amazing project.. admin I must say you very got a brilliant idea here..I trust if all co...
2018-07-09 19:34:07

Would you like to get more Altcoin News

Would you like to get more Altcoin News? Then this category is exactly for you take a look at the list of the most important Altcoin News. If you are not sure what an “Altcoin” is, let’s make it clear: it is an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin....
2018-07-08 22:05:32

Suchapp NEW Airdrop SCAM

It is promoting from Decembe 2017, Suchapp leverages the power of the blockchain to create a complete ecosystem. The integrated digital wallet makes managing your finances easy and simple. Now every group administrator can manage their own custom loy...
2018-07-08 03:32:40

Pokerbox.io SCAM ICO

Pokerbox.io is a total 100% scam that was promoted by telegram airdrop sites not too long ago.. They are posting on twitter, telegram and also sending emails to ask people to send at least .10 to get a 100% bonus of ICO tokens (that big of a bonus is...
2018-07-08 02:52:00

Fidelitybitcoin.club Scam

This a total scam. Invest .05btc as per their website. Fee free and instant returns it says. Also if you change your mind. Money back instantly. Fee free. It's a 0.015 btc fee to get the form to request refund. B.S. Suddenly there's a 0.043btc regist...
2018-07-07 10:47:17

tokendrops.com SCAM

I saw the news that many users of the TokenDrops platform noticed the substitution of their wallet for someone else. I came to check whether the purse is really different. Recently, the TokenSuite team is very upset by its scam projects, and there ar...
2018-07-05 17:26:33

Scam project

The fraudulent Gift.One project is designed to attract users and earn money on them through advertising Google Adsense. The project offers free tokens every day, which forces people to return to the site every day ... And another conclusion from the...
2018-07-04 17:51:43

xDra is scam

after sales masternodes the developer ran away with the money ,
2018-07-04 17:00:47

Who are the anonymus?

Originating in 2003 in the depths of 4chan as a mocking anarchist subculture with the guise of the mask of the failed demoman of the English parliament, Guy Fawkes, the group of hackers-activists Anonymous within five years loudly declared itself, at...
2018-07-04 16:40:36


Has anyone filled an airdrop form and got no tokens at the end of the Airdrop? Let's hunt those scammers.
2018-07-04 16:28:49


SCAM MESSAGE FROM official.hydro@yahoo.com Hello Friend! how are you? You participated in the lottery Ethereum and your purse hit the 674th place !! You won 1.35 ETH! Congratulations! We sent you 1.35 ETH to your wallet, go to your wallet to...
2018-07-01 12:38:12

Ethereum Anniversary Giveaway!! Scam dont ever send anythinng to them.

In the past few days, I received a letter with Ethereum content donating 20ETH and want to receive it, you send back from 0.1-0.5 ETH to an address like wallet MEW. This scam is not new and it is often used. man times. Be careful not to enter any of...
2018-06-25 11:10:55

Name and Shame

When a scam is exposed, all members here should help in getting the info to our followers on social media.
2018-06-23 12:48:00

Microsoft and EY Deploying Huge Blockchain System

Microsoft has partnered up with consulting firm EY to deploy a new blockchain-based network with the possibility of it becoming the biggest enterprise blockchain. The tech giant is namely rolling out a network that will be used for rights and royalti...
2018-06-21 19:22:02

Ethereum miner telegram scam

This is definately a scam, you can add ethereum but not withdrawl it ever. I investigated this one myself and there is no withdrawl when you reach your 1,000 diamond minimum. Your ballance just disappears, please try to bring these scammers to justic...
2018-06-12 08:47:10

Crypto Police officer

I'm a big fan of this idea. Lets hunt scams!
2018-06-11 13:32:45

NEW Airdrop SCAM ZWB 500 ZWB

Next scammers First distribution of coins .zillowblockchain.org then a letter comes that you need to confirm your registration and wallet. Click the confirmation and go to the sc am site / in the address bar of the fake address /, where you need to e...
2018-06-11 01:47:13

Who are the anonymus?

Originating in 2003 in the depths of 4chan as a mocking anarchist subculture with the guise of the mask of the failed demoman of the English parliament, Guy Fawkes, the group of hackers-activists Anonymous within five years loudly declared itself, at...
2018-06-11 01:36:56

Chinese Giant Introduces Blockchain powered Encyclopedia Services

Chinese search engine giant Baidu says it is using blockchain technology to ensure accuracy and traceability for its online, user-created encyclopedia Baidu Baike China s equivalent to Wikipedia. Per China Money Network, Baidu Baike users can now...
2018-06-10 19:04:00

eosLITE, Flashtron and Keytron.io SCAM

Today i got this message on eosLITE so called airdrop channel. It is an another scam working exactly same way as recently we have seen such as Flashtron and Keytron.io airdrop. They ask you to verify your Metamask in order to get free tokens they pro...
2018-06-10 16:11:47

South Korean Universities Sign Ripple, Blockchain Deals

Two major South Korean universities have penned wide-ranging blockchain-related deals. The newly-founded Blockchain Security Research Center at Korea University’s Graduate School has signed a partnership agreement with Ripple, which will see the A...
2018-06-10 10:00:00

Scamerwho is this and how not to fall for his bait?

The scammer is someone who is invisibly watching you, as well as a whole string of other people in social networks, one who uses all your data for fraudulent purposes, and today many people come to the bait of such "experts", so Koshechka.ru decided...
2018-06-10 09:58:00


Can you investigate the scammers they scam over 1000BTC and say so many excuses .There website hasmonster.io is still running and their last post since 3 May pls help all the investors who invest lot of money to this site . In last post they said we...
2018-06-10 09:39:00

Be sure to read. Now I will give you a unique opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes of Neo.

If nothing changes in your life, and you yourself do nothing for these changes, but only whines, then, of course, you, like any loser, often ask the question: "Why am I still poor?" And what if I tell you that you live in a limited reality and you ha...
2018-06-10 07:27:00

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex briefly halts trading after cyberattack

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex paused trading Tuesday morning after a cyberattack on the platform. "The previous outage was caused by issues with one of our infrastructure providers," the company said. "While the platform was recovering, the attack...
2018-06-09 23:07:00

How Can We Stop Scammers?

actually i see last 6 months many scam investment site ex: boostbotcoin mailout, mysuccesswork, btctradeinfo lagosa more have many site first we need to stop network marketing scammers start here so we need to create intelligent team and we need to c...
2018-06-09 17:43:00

Phishing site impersonating Go Network

Hey guys, I noticed this phishing site impersonating to be Go Network official site. This phishing site is trying to lure users by offering 100 GOT free token.
2018-06-09 16:26:23

Brittany Kaiser on Crypto Issues and Solutions

The lack of legislation is the biggest issue for the crypto industry, Brittany Kaiser, co-founder of The Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), told Cryptonews.com. Kaiser is also known as a former senior executive at Cambridge Analytica, a compa...
2018-06-08 19:15:00

Is that Davor Coin is scam .What do u think Source article taken from Dale Rodgers

Davor Coin is a cryptocurrency that’s launched on 3 different exchanges, those being YoBit, CoinExchange & Mercatox. The creators of Davor Coin claim that they launched it to rival the other big name cryptocurrencies like Ethereum & Bitcoin,...
2018-05-31 04:07:01

Can we stop human scammers?

So I'm curiously wondering, can the CryptoPolice do something about human scammers and robbers. Today I was @ work, and this person from facebook started talking to me. He's actually been talking to me for a few weeks. He is a miner, he claims to be...
2018-05-30 18:01:39

Old Email Scam Gets Renewed Attention Due to Bitcoin Twist

The scam in question comes in the form of an email which was seemingly sent out in a completely random manner. In the message, scammers tell users that they have been instructed to kill the recipient of this email by a “close friend”. A lot of people...
2018-05-29 09:17:26

Russian central bank almost ready for blokchain..But the security system requires the development .

A senior official at Russia’s central bank has contended that blockchain technology needs to improve in security and scale and is currently not ‘mature’ enough. Bank of Russia deputy governor Olga Skorobogatova was speaking at the annual St. Peter...
2018-05-27 20:39:10

The CryptoPolice platform has many products

The CryptoPolice platform has many products. The main product of the platform is the WatchDog system, which was specifically created to inform the users of the platform about any suspicious objects or activities that are passed in many different chan...
2018-05-25 18:09:30

US Government Opens Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

The United States’ Justice Department has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into possible market manipulation of prices of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin by traders. Citing sources familiar with the probe, Bloomberg is reporting that...
2018-05-23 09:27:00

Onecoin, much scam18 seminar organizers Arrested, 3 Mln Seized in OneCoin India Raids

Another blow for OneCoin as Indian police arrest all 18 organizers of what they describe as a Ponzi scheme seminar. This particular company has no registration with the RBI nor does it have any licence for running such financial schemes promising hig...
2018-05-23 09:22:00

Bounty stake rewards, what does it mean?

Lately I've seen a lot of people ask what the stakes are that you receive when you successfully complete a bounty. I would like to try and explain this to avoid any confusion. So: What are stakes? Stakes are rewards that are given upon the succ...
2018-05-22 17:30:00

Teenagers tried to steal 80 bitcoins

These five men have been arrested by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly plotting to invade the home of a local teenager and steal nearly $1 million in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They are Trivette Adams, Matthew Schwartz, Jacob South, Just...
2018-05-22 17:12:00

Is bitcoin a scam?

Is bitcoin one humongous scam or Ponzi scheme? Before I answer that question, let’s look at the four typical characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. First of all, there must be a promoter for the scheme. It may be a single individual or a corporation....
2018-05-22 16:54:00


Cryptography is associated with the process of converting ordinary plain text into unintelligible text and vice-versa. It is a method of storing and transmitting data in a particular form so that only those for whom it is intended can read and proces...
2018-05-22 16:54:00


The driving force and one of the main assets of CryptoPolice is community. A decentralized community all around the world is the power, that will be able to resist the army of mercenary scammers. Scam evolves with enormous speed and it’s about tim...
2018-05-22 16:42:00

How to prevent yourself from fake ICOs and ICO Scams

How to prevent yourself from fake ICOs and ICO Scams: By the emergence of blockchain technology with its unique features like decentralization and secure transactions, lots of new crypto currencies are introduced in different fields with different...
2018-05-22 16:42:00


CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together the community in order to fight Internet fraud. Any online user can submit an application to CryptoPolice, pointing to any suspicious fact. Then, an Officer reviews the report and delivers a verdic...
2018-05-22 05:21:00

EOS Airdrop Scam

Recently an EOS airdrop scam has been running in Telegram for a few days. @eos_project t.me/eos_project 20 EOS tokens have been promised to any user who joins the airdrop, with a total not exceeding 50 EOS tokens for promoting the airdrop on vario...
2018-05-14 12:37:16

Hello CryptoPolice community!

Hello everybody ! I am a new user, and am glad to be in the new community!
2018-05-13 14:37:29

Are you ready? CryptoPolice Private Sale is coming

If you want to join before the sale please email to tokensale@cryptopolice.com and say a few words about who you are and why you are interested in fighting online fraud with Crypto Police and participating in private sale.
2018-05-13 12:42:24

CryptoPolice will prevent scammer

Aim of CryptoPolice is to become a leader in efficient resistance to scam. We will provide the society with state-of-the-art solutions in the sphere of safe operations in the market of cryptocurrencies
2018-05-13 07:13:06

Great and Amazing Project

CryptoPolice and OFCR is not just like a normal cryptocurrency, they are on a mission to share a vision of Decentralised security to everyone. CryptoPolice and OFCR has solutions to the business needs of this Digital century and networks the Savvy...
2018-05-12 16:49:00

Stay tune for CryptoPolice

Stay tuned and get more update guys..CryptoPolice is very excited platforms and have great products special is Watch-Dog
2018-05-03 11:26:10

Interview with CryptoPolice advisor Juan Otero

We are proud to introduce you our adviser Juan Otero, a serial tech entrepreneur & innovation advocate with over 15 years experience in building, scaling and leading disruptive technology companies. Read the full interview on our blog: https:/...
2018-05-02 10:29:00

Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley

This week our CEO Arturs Rasnacis and CCO Karolina Gavrilova had the opportunity to participate in two meetups in Zurich and Zug and attend #BlockchainSummitCryptoValley. They met with blockchain experts, professionals and community members to s...
2018-05-02 10:20:00

Blockchain Conference Russia

Here is a little insight into the adventure of our COO Maxim Kuzmin at Blockchain Conference Russia.
2018-05-02 10:00:00

Is Ebitcoin a scam ?

Hi ! Everyone I just wanna hear your thoughts about EBTC . Here's what happened . Old team of ebtc was not able to make a success project then ebtc gone for awhile . New team of EBTC team which is headed by Gio was so successful after getting like 60...
2018-04-19 17:45:53

how much time left to buy btc

as me knows btc supply will be finished in some years but exactly in how much time does all mining will be stopped ?
2018-04-18 17:40:16

CryptoPolice at Blockchain Conference in Moscow

Sharing our knowledge about scams and introducing CryptoPolice at Blockchain Conference in Moscow! Today is the last day of the conference, so don't miss the chance to meet our CFO Maxim Kuzmin and our partner Alexander Fedotov in person! But in...
2018-04-18 17:38:08

Meet the man behind CryptoPolice, the CEO, and founder of our project, Arturs Rasnacis.

Arturs understood the necessity of CryptoPolice after he himself fell into the traps of scammers. His IT knowledge wasn't enough to figure out all the scam schemes, and he paid his price.  Luckily this event didn't scare him but actually made...
2018-04-18 17:34:43

We are happy to announce that whitelisting for CryptoPolice Token Sale is open!

We are happy to announce that on May 15, 2018, CryptoPolice will start its Public Pre-Sale. From that day on, anyone will be able to buy the OfficerCoin. Today we are opening the whitelist registration for the upcoming Token Sale. That means that...
2018-04-18 17:33:44

CryptoPolice won in the Blockchain Pre accelerator

Congratulate us! CryptoPolice won in the Blockchain Pre-accelerator that took place in Riga, Latvia. Next stop for us is Crypto Valley in Switzerland
2018-04-18 17:31:33

Last week we held a seminar in Riga

Last week we held a seminar in Riga where we explained everything about cryptocurrencies, ICOs, security issues and, of course, presented CryptoPolice to the local community.
2018-03-22 10:58:25

CryptoPolice Bounty campaign is LIVE

We are proud to announce that CryptoPolice Bounty campaign is LIVE! If you would like to participate in it, follow the link and start earning OfficerCoin tokens! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3160487
2018-03-22 10:54:10

Interview with CryptoPolice adviser Jamil Hasan

We would like to inroduce you our adviser, Jamil Hasan! He is an  author, Blockchain educator, business coach, token advisor and an  integral part of our team. Read our little interview with Jamil in our blog - https://medium.com/cryptop...
2018-03-22 10:47:00

CryptoPolice warns about SCAMs of the Telegram ICO

CryptoPolice calls attention to fake Telegram ICO projects and calls users to refrain from investments into projects with names similar to Telegram, projects such as GRAM and TON, before announcements in the official Telegram sources. Read the f...
2018-03-14 12:32:00

Another month, another announcement

We are working hard to roll out our project and wish to share with you most important stuff about our journey.   Read our monthly announcement here https://medium.com/@CryptoPolice/monthly-announcement-bounty-campaign-airdrop-...
2018-02-28 12:33:00

CryptoPolice project has moved from Bitbucket to GitHub

We have some news for you! CryptoPolice project has moved from Bitbucket to GitHub!  Now it will be even easier to follow our progress and see what have we done and when we did it. https://github.com/CryptoPolicePlatform
2018-02-23 12:32:00

Blockchain accelerator

This week we had an opportunity to introduce our project to a blockchain accelerator.  Our teammate Aleksandrs, not only told about the working principles of CryptoPolice, but also highlighted the impact that CryptoPolice will have on the cry...
2018-02-08 12:31:00

Token distribution

Haven't figured out how our token will be distributed?  Now you have the opportunity to get acquainted with it! If this scheme is not enough, please read our last blog entry where we described all the points of the upcoming token distribut...
2018-02-08 12:31:00

Evening meeting for our developers

Yet another evening meeting for our developers.  Checking if everything is working properly before our announcement on 15th February.
2018-01-09 12:30:00

Something's coming up

Something's coming up! Stay tuned, already tomorrow we are giving you more details about our project and future plans!
2018-01-04 12:30:00

New year comes with new challenges

New year comes with new challenges and we at CryptoPolice are ready to conquer them all!In couple of days we will update you about our progress and what we have done since our first announcement.     A little tip, the announcement...
2017-12-31 12:29:00

As this year is ending

CryptoPolice wishes all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2018 bring success and desired results for you.     We wish you a Happy New Year!
2017-12-13 12:28:00

Early Bird Officer registration

Attention! Early Bird Officer registration is already open! Don't miss it and sign up right now! https://www.cryptopolice.com/register.html  Early bird officers will be able to participate in the development of the platform together...
2017-12-12 12:28:00

CryptoPolice divided its users in two main roles

CryptoPolice divided its users in two main roles - simple users and Officers. Each role has their own functions, tasks and different access levels to platform's functionality in order for platform to work quickly, efficiently and without corruptio...
2017-12-11 12:29:00

The algorithm of multi-level data verification

The algorithm of multi-level data verification is an instrument for uncovering the truth. It can be used in many industries and for many situations. The algorithm prevents the platform from corruption and scammer activity. It is a flexible t...
2017-12-06 12:27:00

CryptoPolice escrow contract

CryptoPolice escrow contract is specifically CryptoPolice elaborated smart contract that ensures transfer of funds by the contract parties in case of certain events. This will be extra helpful for those ICO projects, that don't have enough technic...
2017-12-02 12:27:00

Aim of CryptoPolice

Aim of CryptoPolice is to become a leader in efficient resistance to scam. We will provide the society with state-of-the-art solutions in the sphere of safe operations in the market of cryptocurrencies.
2017-12-02 12:27:00

A formula for successful

A formula for successful operation of Cryptopolice is a synthesis of society and technologies. By using blockchain technology we level out risks of corruption and fraud within the system and create information storage system which is error-resista...
2017-11-30 12:34:00

Scammer activity over the past year has grown tremendously

It has resulted in huge losses for crypto projects, investors and simple users of cryptocurrency market.     We present you CryptoPolice! First community based cryptocurrency police platform on blockchain technology that will provi...
2017-11-30 12:26:00

White Paper

Read our White Paper now and learn about necessity of a decentralized cryptocurrency police! https://www.cryptopolice.io/CryptoPolice_whitepaper.pdf
2017-11-30 12:25:00

Stay informed about all our updates

Stay informed about all our updates! Follow us on all of our social media accounts! Twitter:  https://twitter.com/CryptoPolicecom Telegram: https://t.me/cryptopolice YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdy5uuOqmife2_Bnfb...